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  • Can I book a driving test before I pass my theory test?
  • No, you must pass the theory test first.
  • Can I book multiple driving tests in case I fail the first one?
  • Sorry, but unfortunately no - you can only book one test at a time.
  • Does the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have a quota of passes and failures?
  • The DSA says it doesn't have quotas. When you go for your test if you meet the standard, you will pass your test.
  • Does the pass rate vary much from year to year?
  • DSA results show that despite the introduction of the Theory Test and the Hazard Perception Test the average pass rate hardly varies from one year to another.
  • Do I have to pass both parts of the theory test at the same time?
  • Yes, you do have to pass both the theory and hazard perception at the same time.
  • Can driving schools test you and issue you with a driving license?
  • All pupils must attend a test by the Driving Standards Agency.
  • Is it true that the age for applying for a licence is being raised to 18?
  • No.
  • If I fail my driving test can I take another test the next day?
  • No, the DSA says that a minimum period of 10 days must pass prior to you taking a retest.
  • I heard that a car sharing course is proved to be the best. Is it true?
  • We don't operate car sharing courses, we believe "one to one" tuition is the best option and best suited to your individual needs.
  • How do I book a theory or driving test?
  • You can book your theory/driving test on 0300 200 1122. It's a slow process, or go to our tests tab above and follow the link to the DSA website, you will require license and payment card details for when you book.
  • Can I have the same instructor for all my lessons?
  • Yes, this is normal practise, however in exceptional circumstances it maybe necessary to change instructors i.e, sickness.

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