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Driving Lessons


As ever, hourly lessons remain a popular and effective way to learn the skills of driving. This is partly due to the flexibility in which this can be arranged to suit the individual involved.

Driving lessons can be taken one a week or as many as the client would like to achieve their aims at the pace they require.

These Driving lessons are on a one to one basis, with no car sharing, meaning the needs of the client are concentrated on fully.

The Driving lessons are for a full 1 hour but can also be taken as 1 or 2 hour slots.

We do offer discounted rates for complete novices and students. Our Driving lessons start from as little as 21.00 an hour.

Driving School Price's

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Day Time Lesson Price

21.00 per hour

Evening and weekend Lesson Price

22.00 per hour


Lesson Price
(Mon - Fri Daytime)

20.00 per hour

For Automatic Lessons please add 1.00 per hour

Day time only , Not Automatic *

Double deal terms and conditions apply *

Terms and conditions*

Hire of the car during your Driving Test is 63.00 including lesson prior to your Test.

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